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Our Outstanding Beginnings

In August 1990, nine Sorors of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. met to begin the process of establishing our chapter. With the assistance and guidance from the Southern Regional Director, Regina Holmes, and then Regional Financial Secretary, Kay Rosebure, the administrative and financial requirements were met for the chapter's application. Temporary officers were elected and they became our first chartered officers. The charter members were as follows:

Shirley Chopp Chevalier (1st President)

Billie Robertson

Brenda I. Davis

Margaret Hunt Edwards

Ivi Johnson

Elizabeth Kelly Glover 

Diane Loftis

Nabaska Richardson 

Delores Williams

The Chapter's charter was approved at National Headquarters on December 8, 1990. The chapter has continued to align its activities with our sorority's national programmatic thrusts. Realizing that Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc, "Exists to Serve", Omicron Gamma Zeta Chapter is part of the Mighty Southern Region of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 


Since our inception

Omicron Gamma Zeta has been honored on national and local stages, garnered dozens of awards, sent dozens of students to college, and logged thousands of hours of service. If this sounds like what you'd like to do...

About the "Mighty" Southern Region

​The "Mighty" Southern Region traces its origins to 1929 when Roberta F. Bell was elected as the National First Anti-Basileus. She served through 1934. At that time, the National First Anti-Basileus also performed the duties of the national organizer. At the same Boule in 1929, Roberta was appointed to serve as the Southern Regional Director and given the assignment of organizing a region to be comprised of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama. From 1929 to 1934 Roberta organized new chapters in every section of the region. From this beginning, the "Mighty" Southern Region began to grow rapidly, and this trend continues today.

In 1937, the "Mighty" Southern Region invited the Boule to Houston. The 1937 Boule was the first held south of the Mason-Dixon line, which was the historic dividing line between North and South. Forty-five voting delegates attended. 

Between 1937 and 1943, the "Mighty" Southern Region grew into the largest region in the sorority. It still bears the name it was given during these years, "The Mighty Southern Region" because it was so strong and gave such excellent leadership to the national body. Many of the projects undertaken by the "Mighty" Southern Region were adopted by the national body, and the national body has grown with many of the ideas initiated in the "Mighty" Southern Region, such as the Blue Revue. The region grew so rapidly and became so large that eventually all states except Texas and Louisiana were reassigned to other regions.

The region is proud to have four Past Grand Basilei who have provided and continue to add wisdom, guidance, and stability to the region. 12th Grand Basileus Lullelia Walker Harrison of  Houston, Texas, 16th Grand Basileus Isabel Morgan Herson of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 21st Grand Basileus Dr. Barbara West Carpenter of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and 24th International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright of Houston, Texas.

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2022 - 2024 Chapter Officers 

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